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Great experience with diuretic AND Discount Tire…

I’m still having pain in my right foot. It had gone away, then came back this morning. What is causing this? I thought it was the water retention! On that topic, the diuretic is doing its job. My wedding ring slid on easy as you please this morning and my arms ached a little when I woke up – but my ankles looked stellar. Bony ankle bones as they should be. Yeah! The only bony part of me!

Discount Tire - a great place for a tire fix or new tires.

I’ve had a low tire for a month – kept getting it refilled, and it is about the slowest slow leak in history – but still getting low each week. So – today after work, I headed to Discount Tire to get it looked at. Discount Tire was legendary for eons for fixing tires for free – even if you didn’t get them there. Then, a few years ago, they changed that policy. I paid something like $15 for a tire patch a few years ago and kept it in my mental file banks that they charge for tire changes… well apparently they only had that policy for the length of time it took me to pay them – because the policy was short lived. I went in assuming I would have to pay, when the guy at the counter said that everything I needed would be free. Everyone was so professional. Service with a smile. The technicians were friendly and did their work correctly. In 1994, I took automotive classes at a community college in the metroplex. One of those classes was Suspension & Steering and I also took the ASE certification test and passed it. I changed many a tire in that class and am very particular on getting my tires hand torqued. I watched everything they did from the lobby, which has observation windows for those who like to watch what’s going on. They did a lot of work, tested both front tires for leaks and found a nail in my real trouble-tire and patched it, then cleaned the tires. A top-notch job.

I was so pleased with their service, I looked online to see if they had an affiliate program – because I have no problem endorsing any product, company or service that I’ve used and have had a positive experience with. I won’t endorse a product I don’t believe in. Discount Tire has apparently signed up w/ a new affiliate company that I’ve never heard of before. I signed up and the site is so confusing, I cannot figure out how to use one of their links. When I click on their help section, none of the links do anything. Either the site is non-functional, or they have Windows-specific coding on there that won’t work for Mac users. Guess who is never switching to Windows? Me! Oh well… here’s a free word of mouth endorsement for them anyway. They earned it with me today. I had no agreement with them, and I did not buy my tires there – and they fixed them for free. You can’t beat that with a tire iron!

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Swollen Ankles… ugh

Sodium - a major component of salt - sweet salt. Table salt is made of Sodium - a soft metal, and Chloride. Sodium's chemical symbol is Na. It might as well be Nah - as in, "Nah - I'll have to pass on the sodium, thanks."

A few days ago, my ankles were swollen. It’s hard to describe if you haven’t experienced it before. Instead of a normal ankle bone being visible on the side – it looked more like I somehow surgically implanted tennis balls into my ankles (minus the fuzz). I finally figured out this is what was causing my foot cramp – it wasn’t a cramp – I was retaining water BIG TIME.

Apparently, my diet has been too high in sodium for years. I am a salt freak and my kidneys have had enough. I thought I was having a bladder infection – then my kidneys started hurting – then I got swollen ankles. Ugh. The day before yesterday, a bunch of us from work went to a Greek buffet nearby. Great food, but apparently higher in sodium than any of us realized. When I told a coworker about my swollen ankles – she said she had them, too.

The big surprise was yesterday morning – I have a commute that ranges from 1 to 1.5 hours each way, depending on traffic. My hands did not appear visibly swollen – but my wedding ring was very snug and I had no strength in my hands. NONE. You wouldn’t think you’d need a lot of strength to steer – especially when the car is on cruise control – but I was in agony. Just curling my fingers around the steering wheel was painful. I kept changing hands and I was very fidgety.

When I got to work, I called the doctor’s office and told the nurse who answered the phone what was going on. She said she’d tell the PA there and get back with me. She called in a Prescription to the pharmacy for me – she said that if it didn’t get better in a week, to make an appt. to come in. Great.

My husband picked up the diuretic for me from the pharmacy, but there was such bad traffic, it was late when I came home and the Rx info said to only take it in the morning, because I would supposedly having to be urinating all night long.

I love dolmas - rice-stuffed grape leaves, with more sodium than Yoda should have in his entire lifetime. I had four of these things - in addition to all the other salty snacks I consumed there.

Before I went to bed, I felt like my legs were going to split in half vertically from my thighs to my feet. I have never had an experience like this – EVER. As much as I love Greek food, that meal is my last sodium binge I plan on having for a very long time. My entire body felt like the world’s lumpiest, fattest water balloon… in major need of popping. I seriously need to get back on my treadmill, but my feet hurt so bad.

I took the pill this morning and anticipated much running to the loo – but to no avail. Despite drinking 2 bottles of water and drinking 5 big cups of hot green tea – I’ve gone twice. Granted – I went buckets and buckets – but I could have taken it last night and not been so miserable. Not that I’m bitter. My hands feel so much better – hence my ability to type without crying.

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Smaller Pants Challenge: Day 98

Two words: Foot Cramp. 🙁

I had a pretty ordinary day at work – at least in regards to my feet. They didn’t bother me at all until I put on my Injinji socks and my new NB shoes – and I had this mild cramp in the far right center of my right foot. It got gradually worse throughout my high-paced waddle. Shortly after 1 mile, I decided to bale from the treadmill. Experience has shown me that mild injuries are fairly simple to overcome – but the more severe, the longer I’m side tracked. I decided that retreat was the better part of valor this time. I’ll rub my feet throughout the day tomorrow while at work to help loosen it up and hope for cramp-free waddling mañana.

A pitiful 1.21 miles. *sigh*

Nike+ GPS - Nike, Inc.

For those who are new to my blog, I’m using the Nike+ GPS – Nike, Inc. app from the app store on my iPhone 3GS to track my miles. It’s only $2.99 and they’ve updated it a few times since I downloaded it about a month ago. I first used it when I walked on the dirt road in our neighborhood and it mapped my route and calculated my pace via GPS. I merely changed the setting to treadmill when I got my treadmill out of storage and into our house – and the accelorometer keeps track of my miles instead of GPS. It’s a great app that syncs to the free NikeRunning site and will send tweets and facebook updates as well so you can share your ‘runs’ (in my case, waddles) with your friends.

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