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Day 101: Tag! You’re it!

Doing my best not to be "It" - also known as "the fat chick who doesn't move."

Nike has upped the ante again on their Nike+ GPS app for the iPhone. They just updated it (free upgrade if you already bought it) to include a new feature – a game where you can tag your friends. Whoever has the fewest miles is “it.”

Nike+ GPS - Nike, Inc.Please, my blog followers – tag me! I love the motivation! I was tagged this afternoon and couldn’t wait to get home and try to beat the mileage of the guy who tagged me. He did 3.1 miles… so he forced me to push myself beyond what I’ve done in a year. I did 3.52 miles and I felt better the longer I was moving. I’m kinda aching now, but I’ll live. ­čÖé

I really helps to have my mind elsewhere. Am I mindful of my walking? Yes – but I’m not just staring blankly into the wall while I trudge along… so I watch movies on Netflix’s iPad app as the iPad sits in my reading tray on the treadmill. I keep the iPad in the rubbery case by Apple – so it does not hop around while Im shaking the treadmill with my thunderous hooves.

Tonight, I wrapped up watching Planet 51. It’s an animated feature using Toy-Story-esque style 3D/CGI imagery. Some of the story was immensely cheesy, but I laughed out loud in several spots. It was sweet and cute – I got a kick out of it. Is it a classic like Up? No… but it’s a good flick for what it is. Synopsis: human (American) astronaut ┬álands on a very populated planet, thinking it’s not inhabited – all prepared to plant the US flag. The local populous – not so keen on the notion. The natives are green (replete with antennae), and live in a very US 1950’s-esque era. The designs of the ‘cars,’ diners, etc., were very endearing.

Planet 51 - a very charming animated sci-fi flick where it's the human that is the alien invader.

Did I mention that I waddled my giant behind for 3.52 miles? I did, I did!

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Smaller Pants Challenge: Day 97

My peeps – I LOVE my new New Balance shoes. I had always bought other brands – because, frankly – I wasn’t crazy about the design of NB shoes compared to their competitors – but they are the best shoes I’ve worn since I’ve started my challenge. I was able to take out the already comfy insert and put in the custom orthotic I got from my podiatrist.

I had no idea I was so jiggly.

I had no idea I was so jiggly. Who am I kidding? Everyone knows I'm jiggly.

This is like the album, "Meet the Munsters"

This is like the album, "Meet The Beatles"

Today was the first time I felt like I got into the zone since restarting my challenge. Yay, me! I was entertained by the Munsters once again. Tonight’s episode was “Herman Munster, Shutterbug.” I don’t think I ever saw this one before – and it really made me laugh in spots. I am unsure if I would have guffawed if I was just sitting on the couch watching it – perhaps over-stressing my body makes me more┬ásusceptible┬áto humor?

I must remember one of my many mantras – start slow. I have this mental lock on wanting to start at 3.0 mph – which is simply too fast for me to start at right now. I was starting at 3.0 when I was at my peak. I now start at 2.0 mph and gradually increase the speed up to 2.6-2.8 and after I get to 1.5 mi, I can then slowly up it to 3.0.

Since I was reasonable with myself, near the end of my “run” (this is what Nike calls it – it is merely a brisk waddle), I cranked it up to 4.1 mph and went into a jog. I can’t maintain it long… but I also didn’t feel like I was going to have a heart attack. Win-win, baybee!

I’ve started a Nike+ Challenge. It’s an invite-only challenge (I may decide to have other challenges that are public) – but if you’re following the blog and want to join the challenge, send me an e-mail (smaller[at] and let me know you want to join the Nike+ challenge and I’ll send you an invite through their site. You’ll need a device such as a iPod Nano w/ Nike Sports Kit, or 2nd generation (or later) iPod Touch or iPhone 3GS (or later) to sync your runs to the site and join the challenge. Viva technology!

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Smaller Pants Challenge: Day 96

Season 2 of The Munsters - "Herman the Master Spy" - a family outing to "Paradise Cove" gets Herman picked up in a Russian fishing net. The Russians think Herman is either a sea monster, the missing link, or a new type of American Spy.

I really didn’t want to get on the treadmill tonight – but that’s nothing new. I never want to get on the treadmill. I keep wishing I’d go to sleep and wake up with the fit, toned body that Madonna was sporting in that Vogue video a few years ago – but let’s get real. That isn’t happening. Even Madonna didn’t wake up one day w/ that body – she worked her butt off for it. Good for her. For that, anyway. And the Vogue video… one of my favorites.

I’ve changed my routine a bit. Instead of using an iPod Nano as I have before, I am using my iPhone 3GS along with the Nike Plus GPS app. I start my run and keep the iPhone in my pocket so it keeps track of my movements ala accelorometer. Through a series of booboos by the technology department where I work, I was issued an iPad. I didn’t argue – I’m enjoying it. Plus – when I got married, I inherited my husband’s Netflix account. ­čÖé So… I’m streaming shows on my iPad, which I place in my treadmill’s reading rack. I’m using the iPad case made by Apple, which keeps it stationary – it doesn’t rattle or move around on the rack… and using Netflix’s iPad app, I keep my mind focused on what I’m watching more than I am on the monotony of waddling nowhere on the infernal contraption. Tonight, I watched two episodes of The Munsters. I have always loved that show. Campy? Yes. Funny? Sometimes. I have seen all the episodes many times in the past, but it’s been probably 15 years since I had seen one, so it was fun to watch them again. I laughed out loud a few times while chugging along on the treadmill.

As I have learned from when I first began this journey – the first 2 miles are the hardest. I don’t know why. I don’t know if that’s just me – if it’s psychological or what. Actually, for me, I believe it’s physiological. My legs take that long to warm up at that pace to get used to the idea of continuing. Shortly after I break the 2 mile barrier, it’s like I could walk forever – as long as I don’t do something stupid and push myself beyond what I should do in these beginning stages again. Even when I was doing 10k walk/jogs 2 years ago, it wasn’t until I passed the 2 mile threshold that I could go faster and keep going.

I'm not even close to this pace - which is an average of walking and jogging over an entire year of being consistent in my exercising. I was quick like a cat last year - but now I'm slow - like rock... and not the kind that Yoda was making float around on Dagobah, either.

According to, I was doing pretty good in 2009 – pretty lousy in 2010, though. Right now, my average pace is over 20 minutes per mile. I wish I hadn’t let myself get so sedentary. Boy, am I ever paying for it. This is the first time in the past week, however, that I felt close to ok after my walk. I think my body is having flashbacks to when it was obeying me, instead of the other way around. I’m going to have a great 2011. In 2009, my husband and I had a couple photo taken while we were still engaged. I remember looking at my face and superfluous chins and not being so happy at how fat I had gotten – and now I’d almost kill to have that ‘figure’ NOW that I had about a year ago. I’m hoping to get another photo this holiday – but I’m really looking forward to the one this time next year – when there will be a dramatic change in my chinage. That’s a term I just coined. Right now. I don’t care who else says they came up with it first. It’s mine.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, eh? I float like an anchor and sting like a stick of butter right now.

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