Day 102: Couch to 10k… or Couch to ER?

Killing me loudly with its song

Couch to 10k - Felt Tip Inc.Well, moving toward success wasn’t enough for me – no, I got fantasies of actually one day running a marathon, when I really can’t even run to the bathroom when I need to and I got this app from the Apple Store called Couch to 10k by Felt Tip Inc.. It’s a beautiful looking app. My only criticisms of it are the stretches could be more detailed, and holy cow – I almost died! I think I need the version that goes from coma to 1k or perhaps coma to couch – then I can go from couch to 10k. 😀

The interface is really nice – feels like a really solid app – has very nice features, voiceovers are high quality, etc. The UI is very intuitive and there is a mini tutorial and everything is explained – except the 1 page of stretches – so tiny that the words are not legible – at least not on my 3GS. It might look awesome on a retina display – not sure. I’d like a page for each stretch with dotted lines showing movement and more explanation of the stretches. I’m taking the couch part literally. I didn’t even run as a child. I know nothing.

All in all, it’s an awesome app, but I might have to work out consistently for another few months before I can realistically use it. The methodology is for you to warm up, walk for 4:30, then jog for :30, and to repeat 6 more times. Sounds reasonable. I made it half way through to 1.01 miles. That’s it. Actually, so far, I recommend the app – it’s yummy, and I know I will use it eventually – but I’m too out of shape to go this fast, this soon. I went 3.5 miles the other day by pacing myself. This was too much, too soon, and my legs felt like noodles when I was done. Tomorrow, I’m back to pacing myself… and getting back to the stretching again.

Do I recommend this app? Yes. I looked at the other 5k and 10k apps available in the app store and did research for over a week before I got this app. It’s the best reviewed, most downloaded of the apps, and the best looking interface, and the most reasonable track to the goal. I rode the fence on whether to get the Couch to 5k app or this one – the only difference I could see was that the 10k app took you further and it was the same price… so to pick the more lofty goal was a no brainers for a bargain hunter like moi. 🙂

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Day 101: Tag! You’re it!

Doing my best not to be "It" - also known as "the fat chick who doesn't move."

Nike has upped the ante again on their Nike+ GPS app for the iPhone. They just updated it (free upgrade if you already bought it) to include a new feature – a game where you can tag your friends. Whoever has the fewest miles is “it.”

Nike+ GPS - Nike, Inc.Please, my blog followers – tag me! I love the motivation! I was tagged this afternoon and couldn’t wait to get home and try to beat the mileage of the guy who tagged me. He did 3.1 miles… so he forced me to push myself beyond what I’ve done in a year. I did 3.52 miles and I felt better the longer I was moving. I’m kinda aching now, but I’ll live. 🙂

I really helps to have my mind elsewhere. Am I mindful of my walking? Yes – but I’m not just staring blankly into the wall while I trudge along… so I watch movies on Netflix’s iPad app as the iPad sits in my reading tray on the treadmill. I keep the iPad in the rubbery case by Apple – so it does not hop around while Im shaking the treadmill with my thunderous hooves.

Tonight, I wrapped up watching Planet 51. It’s an animated feature using Toy-Story-esque style 3D/CGI imagery. Some of the story was immensely cheesy, but I laughed out loud in several spots. It was sweet and cute – I got a kick out of it. Is it a classic like Up? No… but it’s a good flick for what it is. Synopsis: human (American) astronaut  lands on a very populated planet, thinking it’s not inhabited – all prepared to plant the US flag. The local populous – not so keen on the notion. The natives are green (replete with antennae), and live in a very US 1950’s-esque era. The designs of the ‘cars,’ diners, etc., were very endearing.

Planet 51 - a very charming animated sci-fi flick where it's the human that is the alien invader.

Did I mention that I waddled my giant behind for 3.52 miles? I did, I did!

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Day 99: Back in the Saddle Again

Thankfully, my husband made a declaration that he was ‘officially’ making a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight this year. It’s so cliché to most people – New Year’s Resolutions, that is – especially about weight loss – but as I’ve said many times, the battlefield is in the mind. We all “want” to lose weight, but like all things worth fighting for, you must work for it. Weight gain is not worth fighting for – which is why we can do it in our underpants, on the couch, watching a movie, with our hands in a bag of chips. Ahem.

So, I am not only using my iPhone 3GS with the Nike+ GPS app, I’ve also started using Lose It! Lose It! is an iPhone app that is FREE and fairly robust with a nice companion website for entering not only exercise, but for entering food and counting calories.

We’re both using Lose It! on our iPhones to help encourage each other. The app lets you add friends so you can cheer each other on, see what the other is eating or doing for exercise, and you can share on Facebook and/or Twitter if you want.

Tonight, I did just over a mile. I could have done more, but I was feeling, good, injury free, and want to ease my way back to avoid injury.

Like the Terminator – “I’m back!”

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