As you can see, this did not happen overnight and I'm still fighting the war against my blubber. I was already shedding most of my superfluous chins just a couple of months into my challenge. Like anything else you care about, you've gotta stick with it.

If there is anyone reading this who is in any possible way inspired (if not amused) to join me in this challenge, swallow your pride and start moving. This is tough-love central. I have been fat for 37 years because I didn’t move – and I ate – a lot. I don’t have any genetic disorder. I have limited self-control and minimal will-power. That’s how you get to 240 lbs. at 5’4″ – from sitting and eating a lot of empty calories.

Take your excuses and leave them somewhere else. I am done with trying to explain that I’m big boned, that there are fat women in my family tree, or that I have a job that has me at a desk all day. All true, but no one cares.

I don’t watch TV much at all anymore, but whenever I see one of those infomercials with some weight loss gimmick they’re trying to sell, I’m tired of all the fat people saying, “I’ve tried EVERYTHING and have never been able to lose weight.” Unless you suffer from a rare disease like Cushings, you’re fat for one reason – you regularly consume more calories than you burn. Period. End of sentence.

If you really tried “EVERYTHING,” you would not be fat. God designed the human body to be an efficient machine. I tried a lot of stuff, but not for very long. I got burned out. When you work hard (and the heavier you are, the harder it is – no doubt), and get zero results, it’s easy to throw your chubby arms into the air and reach for some carbs.

Through proper diet and moderate exercise, ANYONE can lose weight. Yes, I know – you’ve heard it, I’ve heard it. But it is simply true… but it takes tenacity. You have to stick with it.

As you look back at my blog from the first 3 weeks of posts – you’ll see I walked and struggled and walked and walked for MILES and got zero visible, tangible results – for 3 weeks. I suppose that one benefit that has come along with age is that learning that if you practice something long enough, you can actually get kinda good at it… but it has to be something you really want to accomplish.

You do not need to buy expensive sports equipment, just the bare necessities to keep you hydrated, injury free and comfortable. Comfortable as in – not getting blisters – not comfortable as in laying on the couch eating pretzels.

Is it easy? No. That’s why America has an obesity problem.

Let me make something perfectly clear:




It is boring to do a monotonous activity that does not give immediate results. We are used to immediate satisfaction in our culture. We click a mouse, we get information. We press a button on a remote control and get instant entertainment. We put a chip in our mouth and get instant oral gratification. The only thing you get from exercise (other than the occasional injury) is sweat, stink and frustration – as far as immediate satisfaction goes.

We all do things we hate – out of habit.

We shower – not because we love the process, but because we prefer the result.

We launder our clothes – not because we love the process, but because we want clean clothes.

We work for 2 to 4 weeks before we get paid… not because we love working for free, but because we know there will be payback at the end.

It’s time to snap out of that “I’m never going to lose” paradigm. The paycheck at the end is a good night’s sleep because you’re not struggling to breathe. The paycheck at the end is not trying on clothes for hours and finding nothing that fits. The paycheck at the end is that you get your life back.

Everyone has to come to their own epiphany. Mine was when my knees stopped working because of my weight and sedentary lifestyle. My epiphany turned into a revelation (am I being redundant?)…. Yes, I hate exercise. But – exercise destroys the thing I hate even worse – my fat.

If you hate looking in the mirror when you get out of the shower, you hate trying on clothes, you hate going out in public, you hate doing anything other than stuffing your face or sitting at home in the dark because you’re too fat to have any energy, it’s time to stop wallowing in your soup of lard and get off your big butt and move.

I’ve tried circuit training, but I burned out. I tried biking, but I’d get flat tires, had a hard time going up hill, and I burned out. I tried aerobics and couldn’t keep up. I bought DVDs on everything to belly dancing to cardio boxing – all endeavors ended in defeat. I finally realized that the best way to lose was by using my legs. I have to walk to get to the fridge and to the bathroom to eliminate the bag of chips I just inhaled… & I decided to start moving my legs more before they stopped moving altogether.

Perhaps walking isn’t your thing – but you need to find that thing that will be a habit you can continue in, regardless of power failures, rainy weather, the cold, the heat, whatever.

I have 2 jobs and work 7 days a week, not to mention other responsibilities in my life. If anyone could claim that they don’t have time to work out, it would be me. To stab a cliché in the eye, I have made time. It is hard to do. Some babies had to be sacrificed into the volcano. I don’t watch TV anymore. If you are a TV addict, this may sound like an impossible habit to ever give up. All I can say is, that it has worked for me. I missed it at first, but after a lengthy hiatus, I sometimes forget I even own a TV… and I use to watch at least 40 hours of TV a week.

Being fat increases your likelihood of heart disease, stroke and diabetes among other ailments… not to mention, it is only cute on babies.

When I started this journey about 18 months ago, I got winded waddling half way down the block. I could have died in the interim. I decided that if I do drop dead at a young age, I want them to find me in a puddle of my own workout sweat instead of finding me dead on my couch, with my hand in a bag of Dorito’s. When I die, I don’t want the news crews outside filming the fire department cutting a hole in the wall because my corpse is too big to be dragged through the door. When I die, I don’t want anyone to have to hire 12 pall-bearers to carry my coffin. At the rate I was going – that would have likely been my end in another 20 years had I not made a serious U-turn in my life and way of thinking. My only frustration is that it took me this long to get started.

Clearly, you need to talk to your doctor before you make a sudden and dramatic change in your physical activities and/or diet. I’m not a doctor – and even if I was, I’m not your doctor. If you’ve been sedentary for a long time as I have been, you’re not going to be running a marathon straight out of the gate. Baby steps. When I started going this, I thought my knees were going to explode. My feet were in agony. My back hurt. I got blisters. I got all kinds of physical setbacks one after the other… but one thing I’ve been doing I never did before – I balanced my determination with a solid, realistic goal. A challenging goal, but not so unattainable that it would be fruitless to begin.